To get the Fibaro FGD-212 dimmer working properly in Homeseer, you have to change the device behaviour manually.

In my case, with Homeseer 3 version and Z-Wave Beta version running, the device behaviour is not what is expected from Fibaro devices after including.

  • The power meter is not updating. In the Homeseer log, you will see a lot of “invalid value” errors:
  • FGD-212-invalid-value
  • Even the dimmer value is not updating

To solve these issues, first of all the associations has to be changed.

  1. Open the root device (Fibaro Switch Multilevel)
  2. Open tab Z-Wave
  3. Go to Associations
  4. You will see several associations, and at least 2 of them have and “Endpoint” mentioned in the name:
  5. Associates-endpoint
  6. Remove both with the red cross, so single associations will be remain visible:
  7. Associates-removed
  8. To have subdevices getting work properlyu, Group 1 and Group 2 has to be added again, manually.
  9. Add Group 1 and finally add Group 2, both without endpoint.
  10. The final result will be:
  11. Associates-add-final

When you are going back to your device page, you will see that the Power meter and Switch Multilevel (Dimmer) are showing the correct values and the invalid values are not present anymore in the logfile.


In above screenshot the slider of Multilevel 2 is changed to a dropdown menu, so I can more precise control the dimmer (you can change this in tav Status Graphics and change the Control Type from Slider, to Dropdown and save the page).

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