After 3 months, I’ve sold finally my house, which is quit a short time compared to the other houses in my neighbourhood. Making a start for a new adventure…but what about the home automation system which is almost fully integrated in my house. I really want to replace it with some PLC system, but the costs for that will not kill me, but the possibilities to arrange all the hardwires is the really PITA…unless you do a rebuild of your complete home. When I move back to an appartment it’s really hard to have all the cables centralized because in The Netherlands we don’t have much plasterboard, but a lot of concrete and bricks instead.. In the end I’ve decided to make an inventarisation of the current system first and see which modules should be left here and which one can be moved to the new location.

As mr “SuperHouse TV”, Jonathan Oxer, explained in his Youtube video “Preparing your home automation system for death“, it will be very hard for relatives to continue using your DIY build home automation system, especially when you can’t help anymore and something is not working anymore. Even with outstanding documentation, a system need some maintenance or a reboot, and what happens when this fails. What happens if your future buyers will use your do-it-yourself home automation system? If they really want to use it, they need some course at front I think…. My real estate broker was aware of the HA system, but I’ve decided that only real interested people are able to take over the system….In the end everyone was excited, they liked the touchscreens all over the place, the motion sensors, alarm…..but no one was able to pay for it,at least not the amount of money that I think it was worth the price.



Let’s do an assessment of what I now have:

Hardware Brand Type Current Function Website
Server Zotac ZBOX-ID91-BE Core I3, 8GB, mSATA, 4K, 2x LAN link
Audio conferencing ClearOne XAP 800 Microphone/speaker mixer link
OpenTherm gateway Tcl code OTGW RS-232 OpenTherm thermostat link
Serial to LAN converter Atop SE 5000 1x RS-232 link
Router FritzBox 7390 Router, firewall link
Switch TP-Link TL-SG1016D 16P 1Gbit Switch link
RS-232 to USB converter no brand  – Connection to XAP800 link
Touchscreen 15,6″ Xoro MegaPad 1562 Main touchscreen link
2x Touchscreen 7″ Lenovo Tab2 A7-10 7″ Upstairs link
GPS Tracker Meitrack MVT-340 GPS tracker in car link
3x Amazon Echo Amazon Echo Dot Speech recognition link
Tablet Samsung Tab S2 7″ allround
IP camera Dericam m601W Speed Dome at Frontdoor link
IP Camera Foscam FI9900EP PoE in Back garden link
IP Camera Foscam C1 indoor link
Smile Plugwise Smile P1  Smart meter reader (power/gas) link
RFXLAN transceiver RFXCOM LAN 433.92 + 868.95 Mhz link
RFXmeter  RFXCOM RFXmeter Infrared pulse counter for watermeter link
Z-Stick Gen5 AeonLabs  Z-Stick UZB Gen-5 USB Z-Wave interface link
UPS APC ES 700G Backup battery link
Body weight scale Fitbit Aria Body weight scale link
vAir monitor vAir CO2 monitor Air Quality Monitor link
Small ceiling speakers 3W, 8 Ohm Ceiling speaker in every small (bed)room link
2x Big ceiling speakers 17cm, 8 Ohm Ceiling speaker study room
SMSL SA-21 amplifier SMSL SA-21, 2x 20W Amplifier big ceiling speakers link


Software Version Function Licensed
Windows 8 Operating System Yes
Blue Iris 4 Camera Surveillance Yes
Xampp 3.2.1 Webserver  + MySQL(phpmyadmin) No
Homeseer 3 Pro Smart Home Automation Yes
APC UPSd 3.14.13 APC UPS usb monitoring No
Snip 6.9.1 Monitoring Spotify track data No
Always Sync 16.0.1 Pro Live folder synchronisation Yes
Spotify Latest Music streaming service Yes (subscription)
Dropbox Latest Cloud storage No
Teamviewer Latest Remote control No
Tasker app Latest Android app Yes
Autoremote app Latest Android app Yes
Textaloud Text to speech Yes
G-Ware Configuration XAP800 No
R2 Studios Startup Delayer 3.0 (build 366) Delayed application startup Yes
IFTTT Cloud Retrieve latest weight entry from Fitbit dashboard No


Homeseer plugins Version Function Licensed
BLBackup Free
BLShutdown Free
BLTouchString Free
FritzTR064 Free
Plugwise Free
SCBullet Yes
Tasker Yes
Z-Wave Free


Homeseer Tools Version Function Licensed
Jon00LogMonitorHS3  Free
Jon00ProcessMonHS3  Free


543 devices, 300 events

Interface HA Devices Brand Type Location Website
RFXCOM Doorsensor COCO/KAKU AMST-60 Basement
Input Doorsensor COCO/KAKU AMST-60 not in use (outdoor storage)
Doorsensor COCO/KAKU AMST-60 not in use (kitchen)
Wallswitch COCO/KAKU AWST-8800 Screen walk-in-closet
Wallswitch COCO/KAKU AWST-8800 Screen Master bedroom
Wallswitch COCO/KAKU AWST-8802 Kitchen ceiling spots
Wallswitch COCO/KAKU AWST-8802 Screen kitchen
Wallswitch COCO/KAKU AWST-8802 Veranda ceiling spots
Wallswitch COCO/KAKU AWST-8800 Livingroom lights
Wallswitch COCO/KAKU AWST-8802 Screen livingroom
Temperature Oregon Scientific THC238 Temperature Fridge
Temp/hum Oregon Scientific THGR810 Temperature/humidity Livingroom
Temp/hum Oregon Scientific THGR810 Temperature/humidity Master bedroom
Visonic Doorsensor Visonic MCT302T Frontdoor
Input Doorsensor Visonic MCT302T Back door
Doorsensor Visonic MCT302T Window master bedroom
Doorsensor Visonic MCT302T Window walk-in-closet
Doorsensor Visonic MCT302T Kitchen door + window (aux)
Doorsensor Visonic MCT302T Mailbox (aux)
Keypad Visonic MCM-140 Master alarm panel
PIR/motion Powermax K-940MCW Hall
PIR/motion Powermax K-940MCW Stairs
PIR/motion Powermax K-940MCW Kitchen
PIR/motion Powermax K-940MCW Living
RFXCOM Doorbell/Gong COCO/KAKU ACDB-7000C Living
Output Screen switch COCO/KAKU ASUN-650 Screen Living
Screen switch COCO/KAKU ASUN-650 Screen Kitchen
Screen switch COCO/KAKU ASUN-650 Screen walk-in-closet
Screen switch COCO/KAKU ASUN-650 Screen Master bedroom
Switch 1000W COCO/KAKU ACD-1000 Terras light
Dimmer 300W COCO/KAKU ACM-300 Kitchen ceiling spots
Dimmer 300W COCO/KAKU ACM-300 Living lights
Dimmer 300W COCO/KAKU ACM-300 Living dressoir
Dimmer 12V COCU/KAKU ACM-250 Study ceiling spots
 Z-Wave Smoke detector Fibaro FGSD-002 Living
Smoke detector Fibaro FGSD-002 Upstairs
Smoke detector Fibaro FGSD-002 Kitchen
Smoke detector Fibaro FGSD-002 Attic
Eye/motion Fibaro FGMS-01 Master bedroom
Eye/motion Fibaro FGMS-01 Terras (outside)
Flood sensor Fibaro FGFS-101 Basement
Doorsensor Sensative Front door
Doorsensor Sensative not in use
2x 1.5kW Fibaro FGS-221 2x garden sprinkler (24VRainbird)
2x 1.5kW Fibaro FGS-221 2x garden sprinkler (24v Rainbird)
Dimmer 250W Fibaro FGD-212 Master bedroom, 2x 3W floor leds
Wallplug Fibaro FGWPF-102 Living, audio/video
Wallplug Fibaro FGWPF-102 Basement, wasmachine
Wallplug Fibaro FGWPF-102 Living, Zotac server
Scene controller Hank HKZW-SCN04 Master bedroom
Universal switch Fibaro FGBS-001 not in use
Sonoff Switch on wifi iTead Basic Dressoir light
Switch on wifi iTead Basic Outdoor light
Switch on wifi iTead Basic Hall light
Switch on wifi iTead Basic Basement light


Left overs…

The red marked rows will be kept for the new home owners, Those devices are the only options to control the remaining lights and screens and because of this, it’s a nice start to lower the amount of devices that are read or controlled via the RFXCOM (433.92 Mhz). The Visonic and Powermax sensors (868.95 Mhz) can, in case of a missing/broken RFXCOM, always be connect to a seperate alarm panel, but it’s a nice to have an integration in the home automation system as well.



I’m pleased that a little bit of OCD in me, start long time ago with labeling the above hardware. A few in-wall modules are not labelled, but they will not be moved, so it’s not an issue. And no.. I’ll not label them for the new home owners…

Together with the above checklist, no devices or sensors can be forgotten. Especially the small stuf, like the Sensative strips are easy to forget because they are build in the doorframe.