For 2,5 years I’ve used the Tracks theme for my WordPress blog, it was time to start with a new layout. The Tracks theme is fine for just presenting a (personal) blog, but it don’t contain any other pages. A lot of free themes are available, and most of them have all the same layout. Because the Tracks theme has a different layout than others, the new theme is also different than many others.

I’m slighly familair with creating websites myself with Bootstrap technics, even I use Bootrap for my responsive home automation dashboards in my home (touchscreens, etc), but for blogging, a working engine, easy access (also for comments and updates) WordPress does fit the case better.

After some searching the internet, the final choice is made for the Uncode theme. This theme contain many layout for all the same price. For the blog page, the layout “masonry blog” is chosen.

Filtering on categories is done easily, without the page is rebuild completely.

Beside the blog, in the future more pages will be added.