I started with preparations to upgrade Homeseer 2 to Homeseer 3. Unfortunately it’s not a simple upgrade because the most devices, events and scripts has to be created manually. I’ve 300+ devices and 150+ events. Most of the scripts are already written in VB.net, so that should not be a problem. Only the device classes are different, so I hope with some little changes that it should be working soon….

RFXCOM created a nice export (for HS2) and import tool (for HS3), so all my light modules, wall switches, screens, temperature and humidity devices are simple switched over to HS3.

The Z-Wave stick remember all devices and settings in his own memory. Import these devices in HS3 is easy, you only have to add the stick to HS3 and run a script.

All other devices has to be created manually. Instead of HS2, the new devices in HS3 don’t have standard a physical address anymore (like A1, A2), but a unique reference-id.

An advantage of this upgrade, I cleaned up some stuff and removed unnecessary devices and scripts.

After a month I can see that the most important stuff is switched over. The changed in the scripts is sometimes very difficult and I have still two challenges to go:

  • Central Heating script (640 lines of code).
  • XAP800 Script for speech recognition and speech command via whole house audio (1500 lines of code).

Both scripts are running still fine via HS2, but eventually it has to be done via HS3.