The Fibaro motion sensor FGMS-001 is standard powered by a 3V battery (CR123A). One of my sensors is mounted outside en because the lux level and motion sensor is used often, the battery has to be replaced every month.. Disabling or set the update frequence to other intervals, didn’t solved the battery drain issue.

Based on a topic on the Dutch forum Tweakers, the motion sensor can be powered on ‘220 volt’. A 3.3 voltage regulator can be used for this, despite the standard battery is 3V only.

Disadvantage of this setup is that a 220V usb adapter has to be used, including a usb connector/cable and the 3.3 voltage regulator. All of these parts has to be installed in a electric wallbox or other waterproof solution. The space is quit small, the all above parts don’t fit in the box I can use. I tested this setup, and it’s working.

Because above setup with a AC/DC converter from 220V to 3.3V is working fine, a smaller solution is wanted to fit all hardware in a box.

The IRM-05-3.3 voltage regulator (45,7 x 25,4 x 21,4 mm) can be bought for less than 8 euros. On this model no terminal connector are available, only PSB pins. Soldering 4 wires to it (Fase+Neutral for 220V and the 2 wires from the sensor) and a direct connection from 220V to the Fibaro motion sensor is made easily.

Now the parameters for the sensor can be changed to update more frequently.

outdoor irm3.3