I bought the GPS Tracker TK104 for home automation purposes. I would like to track the location of my car, but it could be anything, because it has a build in battery with a standby time of 60 days. With a daily use you can the battery hold it al least 2 weeks(1 hour per day driving). Charging could via AC, USB cable, or connect it to the car battery. For now I’m using the internal battery, but soon it will be connected to the car battery.

I bought it in China and it is send by regular post, so it will take some weeks to arrive. The challenge it to track this device in my home automation system and trigger some events, therefore a simcard is necessary with an internet conenction. Simyo offers a simcard with a prepaid internet bundle for a low price. Ony the used KB’s will be charged, so no monthly fee for unsed data usage.

Finallly I received it, t was quite a nice package. I tried a few days a free online trackingsite (orange.gps-trace.com), very nice, and you can also share the link of the realtime map. But I don’t like to have my personal data, escpacially location data) on the internet, so a local-sever-software- package was necessary.

GPSserver was interesting but I got many troubles with it. Traccar is also free, and opensource. It runs on Java and support many devices. bases on the device_id from the tracker you identify your device, open the appropriate port for it and configure it in the config file.

After a few minutes the first data upload was succesfull 🙂 You can choose to save the incoming data in a MySQL database. Yes I want that, almost all my home automation data is stored in MySQL, so this one also.

The GPS tracker upload every 30 seconds his data (when the device isn’t moving for 5 minutes, the GPRS signal will be disconnected).

Frameset is something like this: {imei:359587010124900,tracker,0809231929,13554900601,F,112909.397,A,2234.4669,N,11354.3287,E,0.11,;)

When you’ll have your data in MySQL, it should be easy to retrieve the data in your home automation system, and yes it is.

With a little help from the Google API’s, for instance Geofences can be created, even the distance to a Geofence (Home, Work, etc) is possible and ofcourse a realtime map with the location of your device.

The script is not finished yet.