I’m still running my own Traccar server. it’s stable, fast and easy to use, also to integrate with my home automation system.

1) TK104 (Xexun copy), which has a big internal battery and I used it for 7 months, but the GPS parts broke…

2) OBD GPS tracker, TK306A (also Xexun copy). I ordered it in Germany (appr. € 90) because of the ridiculous high prices in NL (€ 250/300). Advantage of it, it is directly powered by the OBD connector from your car. Disadvantage, every 20 seconds you will hear a click in the dashboard, probably when the OBD GPS device is connecting the ECU from the car. After 3 months it broke and didn’t get a gpx fix anymore.

3) I used the cheapest Android phone I found (appr. 50 euro), it was a Samsung Galaxy Pocket. With some 250km a week I will use 2MB a day and you don’t want to update your apps via 3G. My advice is to use an app limiter for this. I hooked it on my car adapter and it’s running fine. The Traccar app is limited in changing the update interval. If you set it at ‘every 30 seconds’, you can drive quit a distance, and the end point isn’t in this case very accurate.

4) Last try to get a good working GPS tracker. In a Dutch webshop I ordered the TK103-2. It has to be connected directly to the 12V system of the car. The ACC (ignition) can be connected as well. Based on this, you can set 2 different update intervals. One when the ignition is on, en one when the ignition is off.

The data usage of the hardware GPS trackers is much more interesting. Based on the time intervals and the amount of km’s you drive, it cost me 2 a 3 MB a month.